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Abingdon Bee Company

Raw Gallberry Honey

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Our Gallberry Honey is raw and unfiltered, meaning it has never been processed nor pasteurized. All enzymes remain intact for your benefit. Our honey is not flavored. Bees collecting nectar predominantly from one plant species are considered mono-floral, this causes their honey to show hints of the taste of that plant, such as this Gallberry varietal.

We offer our honey in nine different sizes: 2 ounce hexagon or round, 3 ounce Mini Mason, 8 ounce, 16 ounce, and 32 ounce. All sizes are offered in plastic and glass containers. Pick the size and container that works best for you and enjoy some of our Gallberry Honey.

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Granulation: All Natural Honey will solidify. To reliquify, place closed bottle in warm water.

WARNING: Do Not Feed Honey to Infants Under One Year Old.