Frequently Asked Questions

All About Honey

Does honey expire?

- No. Raw honey will crystallize, but does not go bad because of its antimicrobial properties. However, if too much moisture is introduced, honey will ferment.

- Fun Fact: Edible honey was discovered in Pharoah King Tut's tomb from 3,000 years ago!

My honey has solidified, what do I do?

- Crystallized honey is still edible, but not very pleasant since it consists of sharp crystals, much like granulated sugar. You can de-crystallize honey by placing your jar/bottle into a hot water bath. DO NOT place your honey in boiling water or heat your honey past 110 degrees, as it will destroy the benefits of raw honey.

All About Abingdon Bee Company

Are you state Licensed and Insured?

- Yes, we are licensed as an LLC in the state of Virginia and insured through Farm Bureau.

Is your honey processed in a state inspected facility?

- Law requires honey producers to be state inspected if producing 3000+ pounds of honey. We are in the process of expanding our honey processing/bottling facility to meet this requirement in anticipation of reaching this number. However, we already follow strict policies in place from extraction -> bottling, ensuring we are delivering safe, high quality products.

Do you use chemicals on your bee's?

- We do not currently use harsh chemicals but use different forms of acids to control the spread of Varroa Mite, which can destroy a hive through the viruses they carry. We have in place a strategic IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program to manage pests such as Varroa, using various methods that that are non-chemical related. As we grow, these strategies will continue to develop in the best interest of our bees and our customers.